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Land of the Pharaohs


Who has not dreamed since his college years of seeing with his own eyes these temples and pyramids that our history teacher told us about?

Who has never wanted to immerse themselves in the tales and legends of the Egyptian gods?

Who hasn't been fascinated by all these stories engraved on the walls of the tombs and temples of these emblematic pharaohs?

Who hasn't imagined deciphering these many hieroglyphs telling fascinating stories and legends?

This is where our curiosity and love for Egyptian civilization came from.

I suggest you take you to discover the Egypt of the pharaohs. To go back in time, go back 5000 years and understand this culture that is so mysterious and so fascinating. But I also suggest that you take our time and sail on this mythical river that is the Nile and discover its charms, to the slow rhythm of the dahabeya. Are you ready for this magnificent adventure?


Find all the articles of this 2-week trip to Egypt.


Egypt in Pictures

Temple Hatchepsout.JPG

Available Items

Article Egypte en bref


The essentials to prepare your trip

Article Egypte itinéraire


2 weeks of discovery in the land of the pharaohs

Article Vallée des Rois

Valley of the Kings

Discovery of 3 tombs of kings of the Ramses dynasty

Article Vallée des Reines

Valley of the Queens

Queens, princes and princesses were also entitled to their valley. Discovery...

Article Deir el Bahari

Deir el Bahari

Who was Queen Hatshepsut?

Why is his temple so special?

Article Vallée des Artisans

Deir el Medina

What to discover in the Valley of artisans?

Who were they?

Article Vallée des Nobles

Valley of the Nobles

What do these graves tell us?

Article Temple de Louxor

Luxor Temple

What to discover at the "Harem of the South"?

Article Temple de Karnak

Karnak Temple

What to discover in "the most venerated of places"?

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