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Centre-Loire Valley

In the Land of Royal Residences

Centre-Loire Valley

The Centre-Val de Loire region is a pretty region in the south of Paris whose reputation is second to none. If you are interested in the history of France, you like nature, villages of character, gastronomy and good wine, you have come to the right place.

​ It is not for nothing that the Kings of France established their hunting estates in this region, as well as superb castles.


The articles offered here will be enriched over the course of our escapades.


Find all the articles allowing you to discover this pretty Centre-Val de Loire region.

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The Centre-Val de Loire Region in Images

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Available Items

49 - Maine et Loire

Repérez sur la carte ci-dessous l'ensemble des sites du département du Maine et Loire que nous partageons dans nos articles ci-dessous.

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Retrouvez l'ensemble des articles permettant la découverte du département du Maine et Loire.

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Eure and Loir

2 days to discover a heritage rich in history

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