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Who is-I?

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Curious by nature, I have always wanted to discover the world. Small, through reports and travel magazines and bigger by making my own trips.

I had the chance to discover very beautiful regions of Europe with my family when I was young, but it was in 2005 that I made my first trip. I went to Rajasthan in India. For a first discovery, it was rather daring. Either I was vaccinated or the virus took hold of me. And it was the case.


After this trip, nothing mattered more than to go back around the world to discover new destinations, always in search of freedom, beauty and human encounters. With an unchanged watchword: authenticity. This is what I want to share with you through this blog.

With this Covid pandemic, this has put a brake on our excursions. But to remedy this and in order to be free to move around while remaining safe, my companion and I have invested in a motorhome. It is therefore aboard our vehicle (the JeanDrine) that we plan our future escapades. You can follow all this on our blog and on Instagram.

You will find good plans, favourites, but above all feedback that will allow you to build the trip of your dreams or your getaway for a weekend.

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My name is Sandrine.Travel blogger and micro-influencer on instagram, I am committed to helping my community and Internet users discover thebeauties of our planetanddestinations near France.
I offer you a
support to highlight and make your structure more visibleas well as your services geared towards quality tourism.

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Travel itineraries

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On my travel blog, I likeshare travel itineraries around the world, but also a whole bunch of good plans and especiallydiscoveries off the beaten track. But it doesn't stop there, since with the Covid, we have regained a taste for visiting France and I strive for youshare our beautiful natural, architectural, cultural and human heritage.
My little extra: many
travel storiesembellish my stories to make you experience all these discoveries from the inside.


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Bonjour Sandrine, 

Merci beaucoup, c'est un super article ! Facile à comprendre, on y retrouve beaucoup d'informations pratiques et utiles et la présentation donne envie de faire le musée. 

Merci encore d'être venue !

Bonne journée.

Paradox Museum

Septembre 2023


Il est super complet cet article. On est impressionné. Merci beaucoup

Au plaisir de se revoir au détour d’un voyage❤️

Lucifèves d'Aubrac

Septembre 2023


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