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The Land of a Thousand Pagodas


Don't ask me why, but Asia has always had an attraction for me. Most certainly thanks to the kindness, the welcome and the accessibility of its inhabitants. Since my experience in Laos, which remains indisputably one of my most beautiful trips, I have been keen to rediscover this contact with the locals, to discover these fascinating ethnic groups, this rich culture.

It is therefore quite naturally that my choice was oriented towards themyanmar(also called Burma in France), long preserved from mass tourism and which has therefore been able to keep its authenticity.

I propose to take you to discover Myanmar, to go back in time by discovering thecity of Bagan, to understand thisbuddhist cultureso mysterious and so exciting. But I also suggest that you leave forthree days in the Burmese countrysideto meet its inhabitants then to stroll on theinle laketo discover all its mysteries. Are you ready for this magnificent adventure?


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16 days to discover the land of a thousand pagodas

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